I put my trust in you

Thinking you were true

But all I found was a lie

Hidden under a clever disguise

What hurt more than the sight

Of burning reality so bright

The betrayal in my heart

So cruel from the start

There are no words to describe

The emotions I can’t write

In my heart I felt the pain

I know there is an ugly stain

It’s a sensation that won’t go

Running deep, but it’ll never show

There’s only one way for this to end

Only one solution, nothing to mend.




I close my eyes
and wait for relief
from this life

I search so hard
for a way to escape
the truth in your eyes

all I want now
is to diasppear
into the night sky

there is nothing
I can do to stop
my heart aching

even tonight
all night I wait
lie awake and wait

its only you i want
its hard to understand
but only you can fix me

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Teach me how to be numb

Because sometimes I feel so dumb

Like a disaster in action

I keep heading in the wrong direction

I want to for once to not feel

And not believe everything’s real

I don’t want to give in to hope

I don’t want to be hanging on this rope

If I could just escape the emotions and pain

Find a way to wipe everything leave no stain

I know I would do it all never turn back

It’s too much to take always on the wrong track

So teach me how, show me the way

Take me down the path of knowing today

I’m so sick of being the one who’s always hurt

For once let me escape this with my self worth


Like snowflakes that melt

Like flowers that wilt

Like stars that burst

I am temporary

Like a bruise on your skin

Like a feeling you are in

Like a stroke of genius

I am temporary

Like a rainbow after a storm

Like a full moon at night

Like the dew drops on leaves

I am temporary

Like the leaves on trees

Like a cool autumn breeze

I was born to die and all I know is

I am temporary

Where she ends and he begins


Her tears fall for reasons unknown.

She is sick of seeing. Of knowing. Of understanding.

She wants to rip out her eyes, because being blind, would be better than seeing through all the lies of the superficial people she is constantly surrounded by.

If she looks at one more person, she thinks she will scream.

And it scares her.

It scares her because she knows that if she starts, she surely won’t be able to stop. Because of everything that she sees day in day out, even when she closes her eyes the images remain. It never goes away. And the worst part is, when it’s in your mind, you can’t even walk away. It never stops, like a twisted melody on repeat; she will never be able to get away.

And it only gets worse, day by day.

Minute by minute.

She hates the fact that she cannot, she simply cannot control it. There is only one person who can help her; and that too is only sometimes, but even he cannot always be there.

She loves him.

Loving him has become a part of her, as important to her nature as simply breathing, sleeping and eating. Like an internal organ she cannot live without. She lives to love him.

He is everything to her, and the only one who understands the way she feels and why she feels it.

She never thought she would find out, where she ends and he begins. She has loved him for so long, it’s hard to believe, hard to accept, and hard to even just consider that she will have to, without a doubt, let him go. Because that’s what you do when you love someone, right?

The thought of never again seeing his familiar face is tearing her apart. He is the only one who she can bear to look at, to see into, because he is the only one who is not full of lies. There is no façade when she looks at him, only a face, filled with pure love, love so pure it blinds her with its intensity.

But she knows that it will only cause him more pain. Keeping him with her, by her side, to watch her slowly deteriorating as her sickness kills her slowly from the inside out. And how could she bear to cause him pain.

She has two options.

What do I do doctor?

You will have to tell him Anya. We must put you in an institute, and soon too. It is the only way to make sure you are safe and…

It’s okay doctor, just say it – to keep other people safe too.

I- Well-

I said it’s fine doctor. I will agree to being imprisoned in your ‘institute’ if it will keep him safe.

Sometimes when she wakes up she cannot remember who she is. It is more than frightening – it is absolutely terrifying. Until she recognizes something – anything, and it reminds her, for the split seconds that she does not know, she feels like she cannot breathe, suffocating in her unknowingness, the darkness of no memory.

They told her it will never get better. Today, the news was finally given to her. They know what she has now, and there is no cure, it is genetic they say, passed down from her parents, and she cannot escape it.

She can never escape it; when she thinks about it, she cannot breathe. And she cannot stop thinking about it.

She is so tired of seeing.

And it is all in her mind – she simply cannot escape it.

And there is no escape but one.


Her second option.

And they will not allow her it.

So now she must think of her future, stuck in an asylum. She will bear the loneliness, the pain, the asphyxiating claustrophobia, if she can think of him being happy, safe, free.

She will survive, she thinks; even if she has to lock her mind up inside a memory, watching on repeat as her conscious fades away.

And even as she fades, she will love him.

Because loving him, is all she knows.





Fighting awareness

Breaking weak ties

Hiding half truths

Where white shadows lie


The edge of the sword

Double the rage

Working all over

Seek a new page


Thoughtless control

Never learnt right

Remake the vision

Let there be light


To transcendent illusions

No longer bow

Brand new perception

The time is now.



The One



When it’s all over

In the end

Who can you trust

To not pretend


Who can you count on

To face the harsh truths

To uncover the lies

And dig up the roots


Who will stand beside you

As you weep for the dead

To help bury loved ones

And hold you instead


Who will protect you

In the middle of the night

When nightmares control you

As you scream and fight


Who will be there

To find a path when lost

To walk with you calmly

And help pay the bitter cost


Who will you call for

To save your broken soul

To shield your sanity

To help reach new goals


Who is your savior

To whom will you run

To help you forget

Who is the one





She has escaped

into her dreams

and she endeavors

to stay it seems

into a world

of her own


into a place

where wishes

come true

and fairytales


into a realm

of beautiful

fragile things

where leaving

is not an


is not a


which enters

her mind

she has escaped

into her dreams

and she may never

come back it seems.