A Part Of You

Alone in your loneliness

You will never see the light

You breathe in the darkness

I dream of your plight


Do you know that I love you

Even with all of your flaws

All I see is your perfection

All I ask is that you stop fighting others wars


Even when you are smiling

I see the sadness in your eyes

Wonder what you are thinking of

While you whisper pretty lies


You sink into the depths

Of other peoples despair

I watch you slowly drowning

In stolen nightmares


I am not asking for forever

Or to make your dreams come true

I am asking for a simple thing

I just want to be a part of you




21 thoughts on “A Part Of You

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  4. This is so lovely, and such a freat depiction of the complications we bring into relationships.
    And I love that line, “while you whisper pretty lies.”

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