Revolution Today



On a day like today

When the words won’t come out

When it’s time to leave

All your worries and doubts


When you’re tired of the present

And you can’t fight no more

Chase away your anxiety

It’s time to let go


It won’t get any better

Living in the past

Dreaming of expectations

That just wouldn’t last


Feel it in your soul

Forget about what’s been

Balance where you stand

Resolution skin deep


Nothing lasts forever

Time to find your fate

Move with your destiny

Before it’s too late


Travel on a tightrope

Make your own way

Prelude to fortune

Revolution today.




5 thoughts on “Revolution Today

    • Thank you! Definitely. To live fully, one thing you have to try to do is put down the burdens of the past you can’t change, as well as the future there’s no point worrying about.

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