Bloody Red Roses


Bloody red roses

Scattered on the ground

And she stands all alone

Looking all around


Why is she searching?

What must she find?

All she sees are roses

Or are they all just in her mind


She takes a deep breath

Now she waits looking calm

But the roses are still there

Doing no good and more harm


Her eyes are shining lightly

Is she happy or is she just sad?

Are those tears ready to spill?

Or is she just going mad


She smiles a fake smile

Red roses are all she sees

Her smile is getting forced

As she falls down to her knees


“Why can’t she leave?” you ask

Because she’s like a bird

A bird with clipped wings

And no voice to ever be heard


So still she kneels in the centre

A sweet fragrance in her nose

And gripped tightly in her hand

Is a single bloody red rose.




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