She plays on into the night.

He listens.

She cries as she plays, the notes that slip through her fingers are beautiful, as she feels she never will be.

But she is so beautiful to him.

To him, she is everything.

She plays without a care, without a thought. She plays to feel. The harmonious sounds are sometimes interrupted by harsh discordant notes, but she never stops. The melody is what keeps her alive, awake. The melody is what keeps her breathing, and she needs it to survive. Sometimes she stops, and lays her pale cheeks against the keys. She breathes in the scent of her piano, closes her eyes and just sees. She sees in her mind the tune that plays in her heart, and it rejuvenates her, allowing her to continue playing.

She must play.

It is not just that she needs to, but she must. It is everything to her. All she needs, all she dreams.

He watches her play, everyday, without fail. He sits by his windowsill and watches as her elegant fingers glide over the keys, the sounds that escape continuously pulling at his heartstrings. He watches her and smiles, because she is so captivating in her state of utter enthrallment with the music.

She knows of nothing but her piano.

He knows of nothing but her.




18 thoughts on “Piano

  1. Superb!!…Beautifully written!!!The correlation between entities is almost as if they were one in the same but yet separate. Sort of two but not two. What was the intention?

    • Intention; well as a piano player and a lover of piano music, I wanted to depict the emotions one feels as they play; almost like an obsession, it consumes you.
      And I wanted it to be a love story. He loves her, she loves the music. The emotion each feel is the same and yet; I guess sometimes the love triangle doesn’t always include humans.
      I don’t generally think too much when I write. A small idea forms in my mind and I let the words flow. Sometimes its just the first line.
      I really appreciate your time to read it! Thank you very much for your opinion~

      • Your welcome.I write poetry as well and I feel the same way you do….it’s that first line that starts the chain reaction of thoughts. Keep it up!!

      • Not yet, but it’s mainly in Spanish which is weird. My deepest thoughts come to life in my parents’ native language. Although I was born in America I always found it important to read, speak, and write in Spanish just because of my heritage. In fact, Spanish was my first language since my parents didn’t speak any English and in elementary school I was placed in bilingual classes from Kinder-2nd grade.

      • Interesting. I wish I could master my mother tongue completely. At least enough to write poetry. I hope to someday. English is my first language as I was born in Hungary, though I am Sri Lankan. Only recently am I beginning to understand how beautiful the complexities of my language is.
        It makes sense I suppose though that your poetry is in Spanish. Perhaps some part of you recognizes that in writing in Spanish, you can say more truth. Or not. These are just my speculations. Still I would be happy to read it someday after I learn Spanish!
        I was planning to learn it soon, but unfortunately it seems I will have to learn Russian and Latin first, and I don’t think I could handle learning three languages at the same time. I find French poetry intriguing. In fact I am rather in love with languages half the time.
        And wow this is an essay and a half, sorry for rambling!

  2. This is very lovely! I love pianos, and stories or poems about them, and the people who are in love with them are always of interest to me. I love the bit where she breathes in the scent of her piano! 😀

    • Thank you so much! I really adore pianos too! I only wish I was a better player. 🙂
      I’m so very glad you liked them!
      And very happy to meet another piano lover! 😀

  3. Instead of watching her playing piano everyday,he should have learnt some music instrument,say guitar or violin.They both could have then jammed together everyday 😀

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