Is a bitter taste

Like ashes

In your mouth

Together with


It’s never

A good


I want to

Scream and


Asking why

It’s all so




And protests

For creating

Rules that

Should not

Be there


And agony


And pain

I feel I only

Have more

To lose

And absolutely

Nothing at all

To gain




5 thoughts on “Disappointment

  1. Disappointment is what I’ve made this. But trust in god it’s all how it should be… N’ est pas? You are glad for the past it made you who you are today. For some ambition is god, it’s their soul, for others it’s waste of time and not part of their soul path. Why judge? Thats why god brought the right people in your life. Don’t be sad be glad. You deserve the best, that why god bright you exactly what you need and deserve

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