She has escaped

into her dreams

and she endeavors

to stay it seems

into a world

of her own


into a place

where wishes

come true

and fairytales


into a realm

of beautiful

fragile things

where leaving

is not an


is not a


which enters

her mind

she has escaped

into her dreams

and she may never

come back it seems.




15 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. Although I of course disagree with the idea of esacping into one’s dream, I appreciate your talent for poetry and fell under your spell… to awake after the end. 🙂

    • If you don’t mind, could you tell me why you disagree? And thank you, I am very glad you do! Good thing you awoke; a wise man said “It does not do to dwell on dreams, and forget to live” 🙂

      • There is no great peril in escaping from time to time in one’s dream, but it can become a king of un-life (or un-living) which leads to more distress than what we are escaping from. My idea of exploring dream is aimed at exactly the contrary: helping to face life with greater strenght and peace. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to explain mysef. More importantly: I loved your poem. That’s what was important, here 😉

      • Thank you for your explanation; it was interesting and I have to say I agree 🙂 I would rather use my dreams to help better my life than to escape. Though, for me I find escaping too easy. Yet I suppose the right path is never easy. 🙂 I am very glad that you liked it!

  2. beautiful poem! I am so happy I found you! Its beed too long since I have written poetry (never as good as yours I might add). But, I am inspired! I do agree with Oniric though, in the sense that we may become lost in the dream world. This, I think, occurs when there is only longing for past or future circumstances. Not being present on what is. Never the less, dreams are thoughts, which come before any action can occur.
    Again so glad I found you!! hope you don’t mined me butting in 🙂
    Have a peace filled evening!

    • Thank you very much! Of course I don’t mind! I’m very flattered that you consider my poetry inspiring. 🙂 Your point is very true. Dwelling in the present is very important; though sometimes harder than it seems.

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