Fighting awareness Breaking weak ties Hiding half truths Where white shadows lie   The edge of the sword Double the rage Working all over Seek a new page   Thoughtless control Never learnt right Remake the vision Let there be light   To transcendent illusions No longer bow Brand new perception The time is […]


  Scent of sunshine Happy days Little by little Time slips away   Forgetting the nightmares Frightening dreams Calming the sanity Not as bad as it seems   Blanket of silence In a darkening shroud So far from feeling Emptiness so loud   Waiting for rainbows After the rain Free from restrictions Just pull off […]


  Falling backwards Through the air Things I thought Were never there   Shouting, screaming The edges fray I trusted you For all those days   Beyond the lines Of what’s right and true Into grey matter You’re falling too   Pushing, pulling You should’ve stayed Anger awakens I’ve been betrayed   Walking on water […]