Fighting awareness Breaking weak ties Hiding half truths Where white shadows lie   The edge of the sword Double the rage Working all over Seek a new page   Thoughtless control Never learnt right Remake the vision Let there be light   To transcendent illusions No longer bow Brand new perception The time is […]


  Searching for the truth In all the wrong places I find myself reflected By all the sad empty faces     Desperately seeking salvation I wonder here and there Looking for the answers Walking a path headed nowhere     Tracing the light footsteps Of people who have gone before I want to find […]

Ave Atque Vale (Hail and Farewell)

Who will remember The ones who have died Lying forgotten Beneath darkened skies     Dead in the name Of their leader and land Their lives so transient Like words in the sand     For the ones who come after Their memories will last A prophesy of the future A ghost from the past […]