Fighting awareness Breaking weak ties Hiding half truths Where white shadows lie   The edge of the sword Double the rage Working all over Seek a new page   Thoughtless control Never learnt right Remake the vision Let there be light   To transcendent illusions No longer bow Brand new perception The time is […]


  Scent of sunshine Happy days Little by little Time slips away   Forgetting the nightmares Frightening dreams Calming the sanity Not as bad as it seems   Blanket of silence In a darkening shroud So far from feeling Emptiness so loud   Waiting for rainbows After the rain Free from restrictions Just pull off […]

The View

Inspired by: http://sethsnap.com/2012/11/02/your-story-the-view/   Seated on the edge of civilization He watches without a care Wearing a costume of humanity Ready to do what no human would dare     For he is a divine being A god of death and time Passing judgment, reaping lives With or without any crimes     Waiting for the […]