Fighting awareness Breaking weak ties Hiding half truths Where white shadows lie   The edge of the sword Double the rage Working all over Seek a new page   Thoughtless control Never learnt right Remake the vision Let there be light   To transcendent illusions No longer bow Brand new perception The time is […]


  Searching for the truth In all the wrong places I find myself reflected By all the sad empty faces     Desperately seeking salvation I wonder here and there Looking for the answers Walking a path headed nowhere     Tracing the light footsteps Of people who have gone before I want to find […]

The View

Inspired by: http://sethsnap.com/2012/11/02/your-story-the-view/   Seated on the edge of civilization He watches without a care Wearing a costume of humanity Ready to do what no human would dare     For he is a divine being A god of death and time Passing judgment, reaping lives With or without any crimes     Waiting for the […]

Where he ends and she begins

  Why? She stares back at him, silent. Why Anya? He reaches for her as she reaches for him, and they both fall together, long limbs entangling as they fall apart. He clutches her to him tightly, holding on as if she is his lifeline and the only thing keeping him alive. He needs her, […]